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Information and technology are helping us understand and recover better than we ever have before. With new information and technology comes new and improved trends in physical therapy. Physical therapy professionals dedicate their careers to helping patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. Studies show that getting moving is safe and your best chance for rehabilitation. Let’s look at recent trends in Physical Therapy.

Get Moving
Gone are the days when doctors suggest staying down after surgery. Lying in bed can trigger various problems; blood clots, and muscle weakening. Post-surgical physical therapy focuses on targeted exercises and stretches that relieve your pain, improve your strength, and redeem your optimum function in your body’s affected area(s).

Growing Use of Technology
New and innovative technologies like AI and augmented reality are enhancing patient rehabilitation. Advanced apps are improving Physical therapists’ ability to measure movement and mobility during rehabilitation exercises. The new technology has streamlined data collection and sharing between patients and PTs in the last few years.

Virtual Video Physical Therapy (Telehealth or Tele-physical therapy)
Telehealth allows for flexibility in scheduling which many patients can benefit from when making appointments to suit their lifestyles. To receive quality physical therapy, you only need a working microphone, camera, and wifi device.

PT as Preventative Care
When most people think of physical therapy, they think of it as a rehabilitative measure, but PT can be preventative. Adding physical therapy exercises into your weekly routine can act as a preventive measure, decreasing your chances of sports and age related injuries.

Hands-On PT
In recent years manual therapy techniques have become more commonly used to treat structural and soft tissue imbalances in the body. Incorporating hands-on techniques in physical therapy can relieve pain, restore motion and enhance rehabilitation.

Home Physical Therapy
Home Physical Therapy or In-home Physical Therapy is a service offered to qualified patients unable to attend Physical Therapy treatment sessions in one of our brick-and-mortar centers. Through home care, the physical therapist can develop better-individualized care plans by witnessing the patient in their daily surroundings. You will receive the same high-quality treatment in your home as we would if you were treated in one of our centers.

Limit Assistive Devices
Depending on braces and splints for extended periods of time is no longer the goal in Physical Therapy. Increasing your mobility, strength, and balance diminishes the need for long-term use of assistive devices while your quality of life increases.

Physical therapy has many benefits that can relieve your current symptoms and help you become stronger and feel better throughout the rest of your life. We believe in identifying underlying causes of pain in our patients and assisting the individual in understanding and correcting contributing factors. Improve your health today with the top trends in physical therapy!

ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute was founded on the principles of high ethical standards, integrity, honesty, and professionalism. When you step inside one of their eight convenient locations in the Washington Metro area, your goal becomes theirs: returning you to your normal lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

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