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The focus of this post will be to introduce the reader to RNT and discuss some of the benefits of employing it within the framework of a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the knee.

What is RNT? RNT stands for reactive neuromuscular training. It is a training method that focuses on challenging the body in different ways to get it to fire the muscles in the proper way.

So what does all that mean? Typically when you work on strengthening your legs you perform a variety of exercises such as squats, lunges, etc… in addition to cardio training.  But when dealing with injuries that affect the stability of a joint such as ACL tears, attention needs to be given to the quality of movement and not just the quantity.1

If you walk into one of our therapy clinics here at ACE, you’ll see patients performing a variety of different exercises. You may have seen someone holding onto a piece of thera-tubing and taking a step back then slowly stepping forward again. Or maybe you’ve seen someone balancing on one leg on a trampoline or BOSU and throwing a weighted ball back and forth with the therapist. That is RNT…

When you catch a ball while standing on a trampoline, all the muscles from your core down to your feet have to react so that you don’t lose your balance. That means your core has to tighten, your quads and hamstrings as well, all the way down the chain to your feet.

By challenging the body in this way, not only are we working on improving muscle strength, but also the stability of the joint. We’re preparing you for the kinds of stresses that you’ll encounter on the basketball court, soccer field, or whatever activity you are trying to get back to. This is just one of the ways that shows how at ACE physical therapy we are committed to getting you back in shape in the quickest most efficient way possible, utilizing the best techniques out there.

Check out the link below to an article that shows how much of a difference incorporating an RNT program did over the course of just one week with a female athlete who had torn her ACL.

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