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How Do I Get Rid of My Heel Pain?


Treating Common Heal Pain

If you experience a sharp pain in the bottom of your heel when you get out of bed, you might have Plantar Fasciitis. Our patients at ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Institute often describe it like having a sharp pebble in the shoe.

Causes of Heal Pain

The Plantar Fascia is a band of thick, leatherlike tissue that attaches to the front of the heel bone (calcaneus) and extends across the entire bottom (plantar surface) of the foot. It attaches to the tendons of the foot that flex or curl the toes. The primary job of the Plantar Fascia is to support the long arch (medial longitudinal arch) of the foot.

When we walk we put weight on our feet. This pressure causes them to “flatten out,” enabling the feet to absorb shock that occurs when the feet hit the ground. The bones of the foot need the support of the muscles, and the Plantar Fascia to stay together when we walk, run or jump.

If there is too much force put through the Plantar Fascia, it will be damaged. The damage usually occurs over a period of time and typically is at the end of the foot that attaches to the heel bone. It looks like a fraying rope due to the microtears of the tissue when examined under a microscope.

Injures to the Plantar Fascia can be caused by a range of issues such as the anatomy of the foot, improper shoes for the activity, muscle imbalances throughout the lower extremities, being overweight, and certain activities. Improper movements, too much or not enough throughout the lower extremity, can cause Plantar Fasciitis.

This is a common condition. Though it’s painful, it can usually be treated, resolved and prevented.

Our physical therapists treat this type of injury every day. They are well trained and equipped to help patients recover. Symptoms of pain are treated with a variety of modalities. Over a series of visits, patients learn exercises that help restore normal movement and pain-free function.

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